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image of a residential keypad lock installed (top) and a residential mortise lock with the lock cylinder removed for rekeying (bottom)

We can handle a huge variety of home locksmith jobs including the installation of keypad locks (top), and the rekeying of your door locks to work with new keys. (bottom)

Think about the following scenario: you get home one night, put your key in the lock, turn it, and hear a loud crack. You are left standing there with the upper half of the key in your hand. The other half seems to mock you from its place stuck in the lock. What do you do now? You decide to push your door to see if by any chance you can get it open. You give it a strong shove and then you hear another loud crack. Yes, your door is open, but it’s also broken. It’s time to call Snap & Crack Locksmith to get the problem fixed.

As the foremost residential locksmith in Columbus, Ohio Snap & Crack Locksmith offers a wide range of products and services to cover your home locksmith needs from trusted brands like Schlage and Kwikset, including:

  • lock repair
  • new lock installation
  • lock rekeying
  • broken key extraction
  • smart lock installation
  • digital door locks
  • high-security locks
  • deadlocks & padlocks
  • patio door locks
  • sliding door locks
  • lock changing
  • door jamb repair
  • strike plate reinforcement
  • mortise locks
  • front door handle & deadbolt sets
  • August Wi-Fi Smart Lock installation

With 5 Locksmith Locations Around Columbus, OH We’re Always Nearby

For your convenience, we have four walk-in locations in Columbus and its surrounding area, but please call ahead to confirm we have a locksmith available to assist you. We also run a mobile locksmith service to help you solve your lock and key problems on-site. When you run into trouble with your locks at home, simply pick up the phone and give us a call to schedule an appointment or get help for emergency lock repair or lock rekeying. Our techs are known for being punctual, polite, and trustworthy, so you can be sure you will always receive the best service in town. Additionally, we offer a 30-day warranty on keys, which is why we always use the best materials available on the market.

We Will Help Make Your Home More Secure in Columbus

When you want to make your home safer with high-security locks or add strike reinforcement to your doors, we are the ones who can get the job done right every single time. We understand that the safety of your property is your first priority, so don’t hesitate to visit us to see how we can help. We offer only top-of-the-line brands of locks at affordable prices, making our services the highest-rated in the Columbus area.

We’re Professional, Quick, and Efficient

We know that we live in a day and age in which the world moves at the speed of light, which is why we offer residential locksmith services that solve the problem quickly and efficiently. Our highly trained techs are happy to help and will respond to all your questions and let you know what options you have to achieve the level of security you need for your home.

At Snap & Crack locksmith we are waiting to help you with every key and lock in your life, so give us a call and let us show you what we can do for you. Because no job is too big or too small, at Snap & Crack we will always get it done.

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