Ignition Repair

Key Won’t Turn? Broken Key In the Ignition? Call Us.

If you’ve ever been ready to hit the road only to quickly learn that your key won’t turn in the ignition, you’re not alone. Ignition damage and malfunction will literally prevent you from using your vehicle even if the engine and body are in pristine condition. So, where do you turn?

In the Columbus, Ohio area, your first call should be to Snap and Crack Locksmith. We offer mobile services and four convenient walk-in locations around Columbus to ensure we’re always in the neighborhood when you need us most.

Professional Car Ignition Repair in Columbus, Ohio

image of a car ignition lock that's been removed for repair

This customer’s key wouldn’t turn so we went to their house in one of our fully-outfitted locksmith vans and replaced the ignition lock right on the spot.

​Is your ignition switch broken? Is there a broken key in your ignition? Do you need a car locksmith service you can trust? We’re Snap and Crack Locksmith, and we’re here for you. Whether your key won’t turn in the ignition or your ignition switch is broken, we can help. We offer:

  • Broken key removal. Has your key broken off in the ignition? We safely and carefully remove the damaged key blade and will diagnose any underlying causes, if applicable. We will also create a new key before sending you on your way.
  • Ignition switch repair. When your key goes into the ignition but the switch won’t turn, you have a stuck ignition with no way to move. We quickly fix broken ignition switches so you can get back on the road.
  • Ignition cylinder replacement. Sometimes repairing an ignition will involve the replacement of the cylinder. We use only the most trusted products in the industry to replace your ignition and thoroughly test the repair to ensure everything is in working order.

When you need locksmith services to make a key for the ignition, trust our crew at Snap and Crack Locksmith. Our team of locksmiths calls Columbus home and we consider our customers to be as close as neighbors.

Choose to work with a local company that cares as much about your safety and security as you do. Concerned about costs? Don’t be. Our service pricing ensures professional locksmith services are affordable and accessible.

Columbus, OH Reliable Locksmith Services

Are you in need of an urgent ignition repair? Do you have questions about the ignition repair process? Our locksmiths are specially trained in ignition repair and replacement, including ignition key creation, designed to offer high value and minimize vehicle downtime. Contact us today to request a visit from our mobile locksmith or stop into one of our four locations to speak with a member of our team.


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