Car Key Replacement

No Matter the Make Or Model, We Can Make New Keys For You

image of a Jeep key and remote we cut (top) and a Mustange fob we programmed (bottom)

A customer lost his Jeep keys so we met him in the parking lot and made him a new flip key on the spot. (top) Another customer wanted an extra key fob programmed for their Mustang and we took care of that in one of our showrooms. (bottom)

​Car key replacement is not something you might think of every day, but when you lose your car keys you will usually find that you can’t think of anything else until you find them. That being the case, however, when the search finally comes up dry you will need the services of a locksmith that you can trust. Here at Snap and Crack Locksmith, we’re factory-trained experts in an entire range of automotive lock services. New cars today are not like the vehicles our parents drove, so hiking to the nearest hardware store for a replacement is not an option. Specialized keys require specialized skill sets, and our team has four locations and several mobile locksmith technicians to ensure Columbus, Ohio drivers get back on the road.

At Snap and Crack Locksmith, we are dedicated to superior, prompt service. Your vehicle is as distinctive as your lifestyle, so we keep a wide variety of key blanks, fobs, and remotes on hand to quickly replace any of the following:

  • Honda car keys
  • Ford car keys
  • Infinity car keys
  • GM car keys
  • Cadillac car keys
  • Nissan car keys
  • Toyota car keys
  • Chevrolet car keys
  • Hyundai car keys
  • Mazda car keys

In short, if your car has a key, we can probably replace it. In addition to smart keys and transponder key-cutting services, we are fully capable of car fob reprogramming and much more. If you need to replace your vehicle key and need to have a trusted community member help you get back on the road, then give us a call here at Snap and Crack Locksmith.

We’re a Full-Service Car Key Replacement Locksmith

We’re well known (and highly rated) for our convenient and affordable emergency lockout service, but we’re a full-service automotive locksmith. It may seem that replacing a lost car key is more akin to programming a computer than cutting a key these days, and you wouldn’t be far off the mark. From transponders to fobs to keyless entry and start, your car keys are doing a lot more than just clicking on the engine and locking the doors. We also offer a whole other range of automotive lock and key services:

  • Ignition lock repair
  • door and trunk rekeying
  • Replacing lost transponder keys
  • Extract broken keys
  • Cutting new keys
  • Programming fobs, remotes, and transponder head keys

Contact Us for Fast, Car Key Locksmith Service in Columbus, Ohio

Whatever your car key replacement needs, here at Snap and Crack Locksmith we are committed to ensuring that you are not forced to look all over town to find what you need. As mentioned, we operate four walk-in locations, or we can come to you with our mobile locksmith service, so do not hesitate to contact us when you need new keys, fobs, or remotes made for your car, truck, van, or motorcycle.


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