Car Computer Reprogamming

No Matter the Make and Model, We Can Work On Your Car’s Computer

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No matter the make or model, we can reprogram your car’s computer to work with new key fobs and remotes. Just call us today for mobile service or stop by one of our four showrooms.

​Like any piece of equipment, your vehicle contains certain mechanisms that must communicate seamlessly to keep your car safely running. When any part of your vehicle’s internal computer system breaks down, it can cause major issues. Even if you’re not experiencing major mechanical disruptions, car computer reprogramming can help your engine run more efficiently and offer a smoother ride.

At Snap and Crack Locksmith, we specialize in car computer reprogramming in the Columbus, Ohio area. In addition to offering four convenient walk-in locations around Columbus, we provide mobile locksmith services to help diagnose your car’s issue and develop a proven plan of action. Learn more about our highly rated car computer reprogramming services.

What is Car Computer Reprogramming?

Whether you own a Toyota or a Lexus, nearly all cars on the road today have at least one internal computer responsible for everything from keyless lock systems to monitoring emissions. Reprogramming your car’s computer may involve digitally manipulating any of the following:

  • ECU – The engine control unit, or ECU, is responsible for a variety of vital functions within the engine. ECU programming can help your engine run better and prolong the life of your vehicle.
  • BCM- Short for body control module, a BCM is typically responsible for controlling power windows, mirrors and air conditioning.
  • EEPROM – An electrically erasable programmable ready-only member, or EEPROM, is vital to the performance of keyless entry systems.

At Snap and Crack Locksmith, we service all models of vehicles and offer professional car computer reprogramming focused on improving your vehicle’s performance. Whether you need us to reflash a computer or precise car key programming, we’ve got your back.

Why Choose Snap and Crack Locksmith?

Highly rated in the Columbus area, our locksmith services are second to none. We offer professional locksmith services, including automotive key generation and car key programming, at an incredible value. We believe that keeping our customers happy is critical to our success, which is why we use only high-quality car keys and offer a 30-day warranty on keys. If you ever have a question or concern, simply stop by one of our four Columbus locations to speak with an experienced team member.

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If you’re questioning whether you need car computer reprogramming or car key programming, trust our team of experts at Snap and Crack Locksmith to thoroughly and professionally get your vehicle in tip-top shape. Contact us today or stop by any of our stores to speak with a friendly member of our team.


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